They’re Back!

18 Sep They’re Back!

“Thank God! I thought I was the only one!” exclaimed Mark.

As an incoming freshman at U of I, Mark was worried he would not find other pro-lifers. Because of you, he did.

Mark was 1 of the hundreds recruited by U of I’s pro-life table at Quad Day. Equipped with pro-life shirts, flyers, balloons, and more, students proudly promoted the message of life on August 27th.

SFLI’s groups across the state are off and running with the new school year. Here’s why students get involved:

I want to reframe the way people talk about abortion. – Kavanaugh

“I’m excited to get started and learn more in small groups!” – Mary Beth

“I really feel valued because people invest in me. I do this because this is who I am.” – Francesca

Recruitment went so well that U of I’s first meeting was overflowing! There weren’t enough chairs.

Addressing the crowd, student leader, Corey, said, “I’m here to put things into action!”

Thank you for launching the school year off to a great start!