SFLI Called Me to Step Up

16 Nov SFLI Called Me to Step Up

Students for Life of Illinois transforms students into life-long pro-life leaders, like Kelly.

Kelly Nguyen & SFLI Campus Mentor, Anna Slater at an Aid for Women benefit.

     Four years ago, Katie invited Kelly, a sophomore, to a Loyola Students for Life meeting. Kelly said, “I don’t want to go because I don’t want to have to talk about that.”

    Motivated and trained by SFLI, Katie got Kelly to a meeting, where now SFLI Campus Mentor, Anna Slater, met her for the first time.

    Inspired, Kelly participated in her first March for Life, and went on to hold several leadership positions. Kelly did not stop on campus – she was selected for the SFLI Summer Internship.

     There Anna challenged Kelly to grow her vision, and mentored her in SFLI skills and virtues.

    “The internship made me realize I can actually make a difference. I gained the motivation and confidence to lead other leaders in making an impact. I understood my vision and SFLI gave me the tools to make it into a reality.”

    By the time she graduated, Kelly was a confident pro-life leader. Motivated by SFLI and a heart to serve, Kelly sought out volunteer opportunities in the pro-life movement.

    “My experiences inspired me to serve full-time in the pro-life movement. Joy for me comes from service – helping the people I’m talking about helping. And I was ambitious – what’s beyond babysitting at a maternity home once a week? Living there.”

    She chose to spend a year living and serving mothers in unplanned pregnancies at Heather’s House, a maternity home run by Aid for Women.

    After finishing her one-year commitment, she wasn’t done. Kelly chose to work full-time for Aid for Women while pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health.

“It’s hard work – but at the end of the day, I see the moms and their kids and they’re alive and they’re happy. I never thought I would be here, but I’m so thankful SFLI led me here.

    From a scared student to working full-time in the pro-life movement, SFLI has been with Kelly on every step of her journey. Because of the Campus Mentor Program, Kelly is thriving.

    “SFLI called me to step up because they know I can do more, so I’m going to prove it.”