Pamela Suresca

Director of the Campus Mentor Program
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My name is Pamela Rose Mana-ay Suresca. I graced the world with my presence on August 17, 1991 as a chubby baby with Jimmy Neutron hair; it was great. My parents Vedasto and Madennie Suresca raised me to embrace the journey of life, take chances, be open, grab opportunities, laugh hard, cry a lot, keep the faith, hope in all things, and to love like Christ.

My siblings, Von Bryan and Stephanie taught me to grow in virtues, especially fortitude and patience, and they still teach me every day. My family is reminder of how crazy life can get, yet how wonderful life can be. I honor my family by celebrating the life they blessed me with.

On May 9, 2013 I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a degree in Elementary Education and endorsements in Language Arts and English as a Second Language. The plan was to be a teacher and teach little humans the ABCs and 123s, but God had a different plan. After months and weeks of planning where I would be after graduation, I could not divorce the deep calling to serve men and women in crisis. Suddenly I realized that maybe I am not meant to teach the ABCs or 123s, but that I am called to be teacher by respecting, honoring, and celebrating the truth and beauty of life, with my life. Today I am a proud member of the Students for Life of Illinois staff/family as a Campus Mentor.

Why you are committed to this work

Right NOW lives are being born, changed, and transformed! Reflecting on my own journey as a pro-life college student at Loyola University Chicago, I am humbled to my knees. The beauty of the pro-life journey is that it is in constant motion. As much as I have learned about the movement, I have also learned so much about myself and my potential to lead. Within a year of presidency, Loyola Students for Life grew from five to 25 members and is only growing more each semester. Members who were once acquaintances became family, and service became our adventure. Viewpoints and stances transcended into activism and beliefs developed into passions. Nonetheless, the greatest of all accomplishments is that we are building a culture of LIFE on our campus and we not afraid to live our passion for life out loud.

After all that I have experienced, I know, now more than ever, that the best is yet to come. I am not made for mediocrity, but am called to share the truth, beauty, and culture of life by being a campus mentor. Loyola is one of many Universities in Illinois and there are still so many universities and students who will be forever change by this work. Students for Life of Illinois is embarking on a method that will become revolutionary. College students are not just the future of the movement, they ARE the movement! Right NOW they are the ones saving lives, changing lives, and transforming lives, and because of that, its time to CELEBRATE life!

Favorite Pro-Life Quote

“Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women.” – Feminists for Life

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