March for Life, D.C. to Dayton

04 Feb March for Life, D.C. to Dayton

On January 20th, SFLI staff and students from 9 Illinois schools departed for the March for Life, D.C. Due to impending snow, SFLI moved their educational Summit, themed Dare You to Move, up from Saturday to Thursday.

SFLI students marching for life in Dayton, OH!

SFLI students marching for life in Dayton, OH!

Despite traveling overnight, students were so engaged that when the last speaker, Dr. Donna Harrison, Executive Director of the American Association of Pro-life Ob/Gyns, presented, they were on the edge of their seats leaning in!

“Seeing the short and long term effects of abortion through a scientific, medical perspective was incredibly enlightening and undeniable.” – Student attendee

The next morning the bus company required we leave before the March for Life. Racing to get through the mountains ahead of the snowstorm, the bus headed back to Illinois.

Yet, we cannot sit still. We cannot be quiet. We must march!

Quickly, SFLI organized a rally and march on the way back at a Dayton, OH abortion clinic. Word spread. When SFLI arrived, TV crews and local pro-lifers were already there. The rally featured Ohio State Rep. Niraj Antani; SFLI founder, John-Paul Deddens; and student leaders.

Anne, SFL President at Illinois Institute of Technology, proclaimed:

“We are not kept out. We are spread out to build a culture of life!”

SFLI then marched, proudly chanting for life, which was covered on Dayton TV nightly news!

“I have never seen a group so on fire for saving the unborn! They are a perfect example of what we need,” said Katherine Marple, a local Dayton Pro-life leader.

No matter the challenges, SFLI spreads the pro-life message.

These students returned to Illinois excited and inspired to lead on their campuses. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a few of these students’ stories. Stay tuned!