Life Changing

04 Nov Life Changing

“The life-changing testimonies give me inspiration and hope!”

On October 15th at Northwestern University, SFLI held the 10th Annual Summit to educate, equip, and empower students to be pro-life leaders.

Nationally recognized embryologist, Dr. Maureen Condic, who teaches medical students at the University of Utah, spoke along with professors from the University of Notre Dame and Loyola.

Isaias, U of I student, said, “Hearing the speakers gave me confidence to stand up to my friend who doesn’t believe life begins at conception.”

The high quality of education transforms students.

“[It] challenged me to go deeper to really connect with why I’m pro-life – not solely as an inherited position but as a consciously adopted one.”

The afternoon included breakout sessions and a student panel. U of I student leader and panelist, Randy, ended the panel by proclaiming:

“You are not just pro-life students. Each one of you is a pro-life leader!”

Themed “Authentic Joy,” the keynote, Jess Barfield of Stand for Life, shared how she reaches millions through using personal pro-life stories.

Loyola student, Carina said it, “inspired me to become a better pro-life leader at my school…Moving forward, I hope to use the skills that I learned to inspire others to stand up and speak out to help put an end to abortion.”

Equipped and inspired, SFLI sends out students prepared to save lives.