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Over a boiling bat of oil, Kevin Grillot learned to make funnel cakes.
Not exactly his college major, Kevin joyfully did it to raise money for Students for Life at Saint Louis University (SLU). This was the first of many things Kevin humbly took the initiative to do to serve women and children.

Kevin deeply understands problems, dreams beyond them, and then relentlessly leads in building the dreams.

As President of Students for Life at SLU, he announced the student group’s intention to create an endowment, so no person has to choose between having a child and having an education. One year later, with the involvement of many, the students established the endowment. Now, the Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance disperses over $10,000 every year.

In 2011, John-Paul hired Kevin to be SFLI’s first Campus Mentor to transform students into pro-life leaders. As the “Guinea pig” of a brand new experiment, Kevin was given a vague job description and 2 days of training in Champaign. Then, John-Paul sent Kevin to a brand new place: Chicago.

Four years later, 6 times as many students attending weekly meetings and 13 times as many pro-life events on campus, the Campus Mentor Program is flourishing.

In 2013, Kevin married Becca. In February 2015, their son, Thomas Michael, was born. A proud husband and father, Kevin’s family brings him more joy in life than he ever dreamed.

Also in 2013, Kevin was promoted to Executive Director of SFLI. In just two years, he doubled the size of SFLI’s staff.

From college to Chicago to now leading all of Illinois, Kevin continues to understand problems, dream beyond them, and relentlessly lead in building a culture of life.

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