Help Stop Illinois House Bill 40

31 Mar Help Stop Illinois House Bill 40

What is IL HB40 and why should I care?

Political jargon is possibly one of the most confusing parts of the English language. Throw in medical terms, and now you’ve got a curve ball.

So what is IL HB40 and what does it mean to you? Great question. Look no further as here is a simple explanation that should hopefully help you out.

This bill is all about abortion. Abortion and your tax dollars.

If HB40 is passed, your tax dollars will help Medicaid recipients and state employees receive abortions through the entire nine months of pregnancy, even if the reason is convenience. As of now, the State Medicaid program pays for abortions in cases of rape, incest, health and life of the mother.

If HB40 is passed, it will pay for any abortion for Medicaid recipients and state employees.

Your tax dollars will also go to grants to organizations that give way to abortion by referring, counseling for, or performing them. Currently, these grants are given to organizations that assist women who are having problems with their pregnancies.

It is estimated that this bill will increase Illinois abortions by as many as 12,000 per year. The ACLU claimed that some Medicaid recipients have stated they will only receive an abortion if it is free.

All of this means that Medicaid can and will cover any abortion. There is no limit.

And your tax dollars will be funding them. With the current rate of abortions, the state could be paying over $21 million in abortions.

What can you do to stop HB40?

Call your state representative and tell him/her to vote “NO” to HB40. Click here to look up your representative. Enter your address and click on the name to find his/her Springfield office phone number (area code 217).

Your voice matters. Your opinion matters. Don’t let HB40 pass.