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06 May Steven Tyler Doesn’t Like Abortion (and neither should you)

steven tyler abortion Youth Defence has a great article about Steven Tyler's abortion history. Here are the highlights: This story goes to show that seeing the truth of abortion and experiencing it not only has a profound effect, it also has a very terrible effect on everyone involved... Even men...
In 1975, Tyler was in his late 20s when he and his young girlfriend, Julia Holcomb, conceived a child. His longtime friend Ray Tabano convinced Tyler that abortion was the only solution. Tabano said, "They had the abortion and it really messed Steven up because it was a boy. He saw the whole thing and it [messed] him up big time."
By 'He saw the whole thing,' it means that he actually saw his dead son once his body came out.  I've seen videos of abortions and pictures of the result of abortions and it's horrifying. I can't imagine what it would be like to see that happen to your own son.

A Baby Won't Ruin Your Life, Abortion Will

It is common for young couples and especially young women to be talked into having an abortion because 'having a baby will ruin your life.' It seems Aerosmith's lead singer was told the same thing and bought the lie.
Tyler reflected on his abortion experience in his autobiography saying
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02 Feb How to Alter Reality Like NPR (in 5 easy steps)

From my post at NPR Biased

"Perception is Reality"

Step 1 - Gain people's trust as a source of information Step 2 - Craft your agenda, but act like you have no agenda Step 3 - Find bogus studies and experts and hope people don't fact check Step 4 - Tell a story to your trusting audience Step 5 -  Sit back and watch as your audience actually believes that your story correspond to reality

Step 1 - Gain Trust

What we perceive affects what we believe to be real. This simple fact lends a huge amount of power to those who control the flow information to large groups of people. Whether you run a blog, a newspaper, a radio show or a cable television program, the power grows with your audience. The power grows with your brand and the trust that people have in your brand. If people trust you, you can craft their perception of reality very easily. NPR has a lot of trust built up with many people. Therefore, they have a great deal of power to shape reality for many, many people.

Step 2 - Craft an Agenda

Decide what alternate reality you want to create in people's minds and stick to it.
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