Pro-Life Commentary

28 Jul The Bright Light’s Here? Already?

abortion lightBy Michael Yoerger Those who have gone before us – our parents, grandparents, and others – generally have one piece of advice in common. This advice is that we should realize how short life is, and do our very best to make the most of the time we have. Admittedly, those who have not yet come into old age may find it difficult to see the full value of this wisdom; doing so requires nothing less than having lived a lifelong journey. However, there are certain moments in all of our lives when the reality of what is most important begins to shine through. For me, one such moment occurred in late December 2005 as I was driving to school. It was early morning, the road was covered in ice, and I was probably going a bit faster than I should have been. Before I had any time to react, I realized that my car was spinning out of control atop a hill – on one side the ditch was a gentle 10 foot slope, and on the other was a sharp 50 foot drop. Within this single moment, one overpowering set of thoughts overtook my mind. I thought to myself, “So, this is the end? Somehow, I always thought I would achieve more. I never thought I would die this young. Am I happy with what I’ve accomplished?”
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12 Jul Ben Folds, Juno & the Art of Abortion

By Lauren Kilcommons Art and AbortionWe’re probably the first generation in our nation’s history that’s actually become more open about abortion. While it has always been around, the social stigma attached to it has decreased significantly. Art is used as a medium to create discussion. A variety of different media may be used by artists to reflect on past experiences that have had a significant impact on their lives, and use them as a source of inspiration. Abortion is one issue that has been memorialized and commodified through art. It has both created discourse and attracted criticism from artists and activists alike. Singer and songwriter Ben Folds’ girlfriend had an abortion in high school, which he addresses in one of his songs entitled “Brick”. While Folds did not necessarily take a position on abortion, he did say, “I just wanted the song to speak for itself...I just wanted to reflect what it feels like.” [2] The lyrics read: “The world is sleeping/I am numb” and then later in the song, “I am alone”.
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29 Jun Getting Past the Smoke and Mirrors

abortion warning label By Michael Yoeger In my life, there have always been two political issues I have cared about the most. One of these is smoking policy. In fact, my desire to help the public become better informed about smoking nearly culminated with the creation of a student organization on my campus. Why did I feel so strongly about smoking? There are many reasons, but let me give you the main ones…
  • Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disability in America [1]*, each year causing approximately 443,000 deaths [2].
  • Secondhand smoke causes an estimated 46,000 premature deaths from heart disease and has also been found to exacerbate risk for many other types of disease. It is also responsible for over 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year and increases the risk for lung cancer by 20%-30% [3].
  • Health-Care expenditures due to smoking cost the American people over $50 billion dollars annually and result in a loss in economic productivity at least twice as great [4].
Given how big of a problem smoking is and how strongly I felt about the issue, you may be wondering what on earth would have caused me to shift my efforts away from smoking. The answer has to do with that other important issue I was telling you about. This other issue is abortion.
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22 Jun On The Offensive

By Lauren Kilcommons As a political science major, I’m particularly interested in the politics behind the pro-life movement. There is a lot more that goes on than we, as ordinary citizens, can see. I think it is important for us to realize the power of our votes. Making the effort to elect pro-life leaders is essential to advancing the pro-life cause. However, the public must understand that it is unrealistic to expect that working hard to elect pro-life leaders will necessarily lead to a complete reversal of all the pro-abortion policies currently in place. Our government was created to preserve the status quo. As much as we would love to see our pro-life politicians immediately change laws and court decisions that have been in place for years, believing this will happen is not realistic. The pro-life movement most likely will not be won in one swift action. Instead we must work tirelessly to stand our ground, and slowly push back. One example of how it is difficult to regain lost ground can be seen in the federal budget. In the past ten years, the amount of government grants to Planned Parenthood has doubled. They currently receive over $350 million. The more the government gives, the stronger Planned Parenthood becomes, and the more difficult it becomes to cut back its support.
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03 Jun Can Facebook Increase Humanity?

pro-life facebookI spend quite a bit of time on facebook. A lot of people think that facebook kills real social interactions and isolates people. In effect, they say, it really dehumanizes personal relationships. Is this true? Probably in a lot of cases, but not always.

Is facebook Really So Bad?

My dad recently sent me a cartoon from the New Yorker. It's two guys sitting at a bar and one says to the other:  "I used to call people, then I got into e-mailing, then texting, and now I just ignore everyone." The same could be said about facebook. It can be alienating, for sure. And yet, I'm still on facebook quite a bit... No, most of it is not playing farmville! Most of it is directed at spreading the pro-life message. I'm a big proponent of using things in our everyday lives to change the culture. It's easy to get distracted and think that to have any impact, we really need to do some BIG thing. Nope. Not true. Big things work sometimes, but
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