Anna Slater

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“I thought it was hopeless and I was just going to stay out of it.” In high school, Anna Slater had a hardening confrontation about being pro-life.
“At the time, I made a promise to myself to never be active in the pro-life movement.” Anna made that promise before meeting SFLI.

In  her  freshman  year,  SFLI  inspired  Anna  with  so  much  hope  that  she  broke  her promise and hasn’t looked back. With SFLI’s guidance, Anna nearly doubled her school’s attendance on the March for Life her sophomore year.

By her Junior year, she led the largest college group in the state and interned with SFLI. In January 2014, Anna inspired thousands as she spoke at the Chicago March for Life.

In  May 2014,  Anna  graduated  cum  laude  from  Loyola University. Seeking to further inspire students to love all life, Anna jumped at the chance to work for SFLI full time and spent the 2014-2015 mentoring Dominican and Northwestern.

Now, Anna is thrilled to mentor pro-life leaders as she serves as the Campus Mentor for Loyola and Northwestern Universities.

From vowing to stay out of it to dedicating her life to bringing others into the pro-life movement, Anna’s pro-life passion inspires students everyday.

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